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I was scheduled for inspection of my air conditioning unit and furnace. Gary A was the technician who arrived at my house promptly (in fact a little early) and performed the required services. Bosco Home Services office called me ahead of time, and Gary himself called about 45 minutes before arrival. He was pleasant, friendly and attended to the job at hand immediately, after first donning the "booties" to protect my floors. He was very efficient, checked the outside unit as well, and reviewed the procedures, explaining fully anything that need attention, and provided a list of options available that I might find beneficial. Overall I was pleased with his service and attention to detail and would highly recommend Bosco and Gary to anyone else. Wallie
Bosco and the Technician that was sent ( Gary A.) was very professional and provided quick and reliable service. I would highly recommend them. David M.
Gary was very personable explaining the services that Bosco Home Services provided. He showed me how to change the battery in the thermostat...I didn't even realize there was a that was illuminating. He reviewed all the options that I had if I needed replacement or repair of different aspects of the furnace or air conditioner. I was very pleased with the service, and with Gary's pleasant demeanour. Thank you Bosco for the great service! Anna
Justin was very helpful and knowledgeable. He listened to my concerns and made a custom recommendation based on my needs. Would definitely recommend. Imran A.
Kevin from Bosco Home Services has been to my home many times over the years. He was here again yesterday. I am always happy when he is the one to come to help us out as he provides such excellent service. I feel I can trust him. He is polite, friendly, and thorough. He explains thoroughly what the issue is and wants to make sure I see his work and that he has covered everything necessary to do the job right. He is an asset to the Bosco team!! Thanks Kevin!! Joanne H.
Gary A came out to check and service my air conditioning unit. He did a great job. explained what he was going to do. Explained any recommendations he made and performed the services I contracted efficiently. I highly recommend Bosco Home services and Gary A. Jamie M.
Andre provided good service. He was clear in explaining the process and possible future service. Bruce T.

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